§ 10.1-408

Uses not affected by scenic river designation

A. Except as provided in § 10.1-407, all riparian land and water uses along or in the designated section of a river which are permitted by law shall not be restricted by this chapter.

B. Designation as a scenic river shall not be used:

1. To designate the lands along the river and its tributaries as unsuitable for mining pursuant to § 45.1-252 or regulations promulgated with respect to such section, or as unsuitable for use as a location for a surface mineral mine as defined in § 45.1-161.292:2; however, the Department shall still be permitted to exercise the powers granted under § 10.1-402; or

2. To be a criterion for purposes of imposing water quality standards under the federal Clean Water Act.


1988, c. 891; 2014, c. 823.


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