§ 13.1-743

Articles of dissolution

A. At any time after dissolution is approved by the shareholders, the corporation may dissolve by filing with the Commission articles of dissolution setting forth:

1. The name of the corporation;

2. The date dissolution was authorized;

3. Either (i) a statement that dissolution was authorized by unanimous consent of the shareholders, or (ii) a statement that the proposed dissolution was submitted to the shareholders by the board of directors in accordance with this article, and a statement of:

a. The designation, number of outstanding shares, and number of votes entitled to be cast by each voting group entitled to vote separately on dissolution; and

b. Either the total number of votes cast for and against dissolution by each voting group entitled to vote separately on dissolution or the total number of undisputed votes cast for dissolution separately by each voting group and a statement that the number cast for dissolution by each voting group was sufficient for approval by that voting group.

B. If the Commission finds that the articles of dissolution comply with the requirements of law and that the corporation has paid all fees and taxes, and delinquencies thereof, imposed by laws administered by the Commission, it shall issue a certificate of dissolution.

C. A corporation is dissolved upon the effective date of the certificate of dissolution.

D. For purposes of §§ 13.1-742 through 13.1-746.2, “dissolved corporation” means a corporation whose articles of dissolution have become effective and includes a successor entity to which the remaining assets of the corporation are transferred subject to its liabilities for purposes of liquidation.


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