§ 16.1-108

Deposit of money in lieu of bond

In lieu of giving bond with surety as provided in this article, any party appealing from the judgment or order of the court may deposit with the judge or clerk thereof, who shall issue his official receipt therefor, such sum of money as the judge or clerk may estimate to be sufficient to discharge any judgment or order which may be entered by the court of record on the trial of the appeal to secure the appeal bond. The money so deposited shall be transmitted in cash, by check of the court, surety bond, or bank check, or by draft from the escrow account of the appealing party’s attorney to the clerk of the court to which the appeal is taken, who shall likewise issue his official receipt therefor.


1956, c. 555; 1975, c. 227; 1988, c. 698; 2007, c. 131.


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