§ 16.1-113

How appeals tried

Every such appeal shall be tried by the court in a summary way, or, if the amount in controversy exceeds fifty dollars, by a jury if either party requires it. All legal evidence produced by either party shall be heard, whether or not it was produced before the court from which the appeal is taken. If judgment is recovered by the appellee, execution shall issue against the principal and his surety, jointly or separately, for the amount of the judgment, including interests and costs, with damages on the aggregate at the rate of ten percent annually, from the date of that judgment until payment, and for the costs of the appeal; and the execution shall be endorsed “No security is to be taken.” If the decision is reversed, the party substantially prevailing shall recover his costs and the order or judgment shall be made or given as ought to have been made or given by the judge of the court from which the appeal was taken. When the appeal is from an order or judgment under §§ 16.1-119 through 16.1-121, the court shall enter such judgment respecting the property, the expense of keeping it, and any injury done to it, as may be equitable among the parties.


1956, c. 555; 1980, c. 129; 1984, c. 38; 1988, c. 337.


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