§ 17.1-240

Recording by microphotographic or electronic process

A procedural microphotographic process, digital reproduction, or any other micrographic process which stores images of documents in reduced size or in electronic format, may be used to accomplish the recording of writings otherwise required by any provision of law to be spread in a book or retained in the circuit court clerk’s office, including, but not limited to, the civil and criminal order books, the Will Book or Fiduciary Account Book, the Juvenile Order Book, the Adoption Order Book, the Trust Fund Order Book, the Deed Book, the Plat Book, the Land Book, the Judgment Docket Book, the Partnership or Assumed Name Certificate Book, marriage records, and financing statements. Any such micrographic, microphotographic or electronic recording process shall meet archival standards as recommended by The Library of Virginia.


1977, c. 142, § 17-70.1; 1983, c. 293; 1997, c. 579; 1998, c. 872; 2005, c. 681.


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