§ 10.1-503

Administrative officer and other employees; executive committee

The Director shall provide technical experts and other agents and employees, permanent and temporary, necessary for the execution of the functions of the Board. The Board may create an executive committee and delegate to the chairman of the Board, or to the committee or to the Director, such powers and duties as it deems proper. Upon request of the Board, for the purpose of carrying out any of its functions, the supervising officer of any state agency or of any state institution of learning shall, insofar as possible under available appropriations, and having due regard for the needs of the agency to which the request is directed, assign or detail to the Board, members of the staff or personnel of the agency or institution, and make special reports, surveys, or studies requested by the Board.


Code 1950, § 21-7; 1964, c. 512; 1984, cc. 444, 750; 1988, c. 891; 2003, c. 128.


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