§ 10.1-616

Notice and hearing on petition; determination of need for district and defining boundaries

Within thirty days after a petition has been filed with the directors of the soil and water conservation district or districts, they shall cause due notice to be given of a hearing upon the practicability and feasibility of creating the proposed watershed improvement district. All owners of land within the proposed watershed improvement district and all other interested parties shall have the right to attend such a hearing and to be heard. If the directors determine from the hearing that there is need, in the interest of the public health, safety, and welfare, for the organization of the proposed watershed improvement district, they shall record their determination and define the boundaries of the watershed improvement district. The provisions of Article 2 (§ 10.1-502 et seq.) of Chapter 5 of this title shall apply, mutatis mutandis, to such proceedings.


1956, c. 668, § 21-112.3; 1964, c. 512; 1970, c. 480; 1988, c. 891.


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