Rights Of And Assignment By Members

This is Article 7 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Rights Of And Assignment By Members.” It is part of Title 13.1, titled “Corporations.” It is part of Chapter 12, titled “Virginia Limited Liability Company Act.” It’s comprised of the following 8 sections.

§ 13.1-1038
Nature of interest in limited liability company
§ 13.1-1038.1
Admission of members
§ 13.1-1039
Assignment of interest
§ 13.1-1040
Right of assignee to become member
§ 13.1-1040.1
Events causing member's dissociation
§ 13.1-1040.2
Effect of a member's dissociation
§ 13.1-1041
§ 13.1-1041.1
Member's transferable interest subject to charging order