§ 15.2-1408

Restrictions on activities of former officers and employees by certain counties and cities

In the Counties of Bedford, Fauquier, James City, Pittsylvania and Stafford, and the Cities of Charlottesville and Virginia Beach, the governing body, by ordinance, may prohibit former officers and employees, for one year after their terms of office have ended or employment ceased, from providing personal and substantial assistance for remuneration of any kind to any party, in connection with any proceeding, application, case, contract, or other particular matter involving the county or city or an agency thereof, if that matter is one in which the former officer or employee participated personally and substantially as a county or city officer or employee through decision, approval, or recommendation.The term “officer or employee,” as used in this section, includes members of local governing bodies, county or city officers and employees, and individuals who receive monetary compensation for service on or employment by agencies, boards, authorities, sanitary districts, commissions, committees, and task forces appointed by the local governing body.


1991, c. 582, § 15.1-29.22; 1997, c. 587; 2003, c. 945; 2005, cc. 257, 289.


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