§ 15.2-2288.1

Localities may not require a special use permit for certain residential uses

No local ordinance shall require as a condition of approval of a subdivision plat, site plan, or plan of development, or issuance of a building permit, that a special exception, special use, or conditional use permit be obtained for the development and construction of residential dwellings at the use, height and density permitted by right under the local zoning ordinance. Nothing herein shall restrict the use of the special exception, special use, or conditional use permit process on application of a property owner for (i) a cluster or town center as an optional form of residential development at a density greater than that permitted by right, or otherwise permitted by local ordinance; (ii) use in an area designated for steep slope mountain development; (iii) use as a utility facility to serve a residential development; or (iv) nonresidential uses including but not limited to home businesses, home occupations, day care centers, bed and breakfast inns, lodging houses, private boarding schools, and shelters established for the purpose of providing human services to the occupants thereof.


1999, c. 1041; 2002, c. 703.


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