§ 15.2-6415

Dissolution of authority

A member locality of an authority may withdraw from the authority only (i) upon dissolution of the authority as set forth herein, or (ii) with the majority approval of all other members of such authority, upon a resolution adopted by the governing body of a member locality and after satisfaction of such member locality’s legal obligations, including repayment of its portion of any debt incurred, with regard to the authority, or after making contractual provisions for the repayment of its portion of any debt incurred, with regard to the authority, as well as pledging to pay general dues for operation of the authority for the current and succeeding fiscal year following the effective date of withdrawal. No member seeking withdrawal shall retain, without the consent of a majority of the remaining members, any rights to contributions made by such member, to any property held by such authority or to any revenue sharing as allowed by §§ 15.2-6406 and 15.2-6407. Upon withdrawal, the withdrawing member shall also return to the authority any dues or other contributions refunded to such member during its membership in the authority. Whenever the board determines that the purpose for which the authority was created has been substantially fulfilled or is impractical or impossible to accomplish and that all obligations incurred by the authority have been paid or that cash or a sufficient amount of United States government securities has been deposited for their payment, or provisions satisfactory for the timely payment of all its outstanding obligations have been arranged, the board may adopt resolutions declaring and finding that the authority shall be dissolved. Appropriate attested copies of such resolutions shall be delivered to the Governor so that legislation dissolving such authority may be introduced in the General Assembly. The dissolution of an authority shall become effective according to the terms of such legislation. The title to all funds and other property owned by such authority at the time of such dissolution shall vest in the member localities which have contributed to the authority in proportion to their respective contributions.


1997, cc. 276, 587, § 15.1-1725; 2010, c. 531.


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