§ 16.1-287

Transfer of information upon commitment; information to be furnished by and to local school boards

Whenever the court commits a child to the Department of Juvenile Justice, or to any other institution or agency, it shall transmit with the order of commitment copies of the clinical reports, predisposition study and other information it has pertinent to the care and treatment of the child. The Department shall not be responsible for any such committed child until it has received the court order and the information concerning the child. All local school boards shall be required to furnish the Department promptly with any information from their files that the Department deems to be necessary in the classification, evaluation, placement or treatment of any child committed to the Department. The Department of Juvenile Justice’s Education Division, pursuant to § 22.1-289, shall likewise be required to furnish local school boards academic, and career and technical education and related achievement information promptly from its files that the local school board may deem necessary when children are returned to the community from the Department’s care. The Department and other institutions or agencies shall give to the court such information concerning the child as the court at any time requires. All such information shall be treated as confidential.


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