§ 16.1-99

When and where executions returnable; to whom directed

A writ of fieri facias or a writ of possession issued from a general district court shall be made returnable within 90 days to the court from which it was issued, except that a writ of fieri facias issued in the instance of a wage garnishment shall be returnable not more than 180 days after the date of issuance. If, after the return day of the writ and the completion of any garnishment, interrogatory or other proceeding in connection therewith, the papers in the case have been returned to a circuit court, then the writ and other papers in connection with such proceeding shall likewise be returned to the circuit court and filed with the papers in the case. A writ of fieri facias may be directed to the sheriff of any county or to the sergeant or constable of any corporation.


1956, c. 555; 1979, c. 45; 2003, c. 234.


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