§ 16.1-133.1

Reopening case after conviction

Within sixty days from the date of conviction of any person in a general district court or juvenile and domestic relations district court for an offense not felonious, the case may be reopened upon the application of such person and for good cause shown. Such application shall be heard by the judge who presided at the trial in which the conviction was had, but if he be not in office, or be absent from the county or city or is otherwise unavailable to hear the application, it may be heard by his successor or by any other judge or substitute judge of such court. If the case is reopened after the case documents have been filed with the circuit court, the clerk of the circuit court shall return the case documents to the district court in which the case was originally tried.


1973, c. 440; 1975, c. 298; 1983, c. 21.


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