§ 19.2-386.17

Forfeitures for computer crimes

All moneys and other income, including all proceeds earned but not yet received by a defendant from a third party as a result of the defendant’s violations of Article 7.1 (§ 18.2-152.1 et seq.) of Chapter 5 of Title 18.2, and all computer equipment, all computer software, and all personal property used in connection with any violation of such article known by the owner thereof to have been used in violation of such article, shall be subject to lawful seizure by a law-enforcement officer and forfeiture by the Commonwealth in accordance with the procedures set forth in Chapter 22.1 (§ 19.2-386.1 et seq.) of this title, applied mutatis mutandis.


2003, cc. 987, 1016, § 18.2-152.16; 2004, c. 995.


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