§ 2.2-1511

(Effective July 1, 2017) Consideration of budget by committees

The standing committees of the House of Delegates and of the Senate in charge of appropriation measures shall begin consideration of the budget within five calendar days after the convening of the regular session of the General Assembly to which the budget is submitted. The committees or subcommittees thereof, may meet jointly on matters concerning the budget at such times as the chairmen of the two committees deem appropriate. The committees or subcommittees may cause the attendance of heads or responsible representatives of the departments, institutions and all other agencies of the Commonwealth to furnish such information and answer such questions as they require. All persons interested in the matters under consideration shall be admitted to the meetings and shall have the right to be heard.


Code 1950, § 2-56; 1966, c. 677, § 2.1-62; 1976, c. 760, § 2.1-400; 1987, c. 138; 2001, c. 844.


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