§ 22.1-18.1

Annual report on gifted education required; local advisory committee on gifted education

Each local school board shall submit the annual report, “Programs for Gifted Education,” as required by Board regulations, to the Department of Education.Each school board may appoint, in accordance with the regulations of the Board of Education, a local advisory committee on gifted education. A local advisory committee on gifted education shall annually review the local plan for the education of gifted students, including revisions, and determine the extent to which the plan for the previous year was implemented. The comments and recommendations of the local advisory committee on gifted education shall be submitted in writing directly to the school board and the superintendent.A school board shall comply with Board regulations governing gifted education relative to the use of multiple criteria for the identification of gifted students.With such funds as may be appropriated for this purpose, the Department of Education shall conduct an annual review of all local gifted education programs, on such date as it may determine, to ensure full implementation and compliance with federal and state laws and regulations governing gifted education. The Department may conduct the review as an on-site observation or require certification of compliance from the division superintendent.


1998, c. 879; 1999, c. 554; 2012, cc. 805, 836.


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