Statewide Emergency Medical Services System And Services

This is Article 2.1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Statewide Emergency Medical Services System And Services.” It is part of Title 32.1, titled “Health.” It is part of Chapter 4, titled “Health Care Planning.” It’s comprised of the following 33 sections.

§ 32.1-111.1
§ 32.1-111.10
§ 32.1-111.12
Virginia Rescue Squads Assistance Fund; disbursements
§ 32.1-111.12:01
Financial Assistance and Review Committee; appointment; terms; duties
§ 32.1-111.13
Annual financial reports
§ 32.1-111.14
Powers of governing bodies of counties, cities, and towns
§ 32.1-111.14:1
§ 32.1-111.14:2
Establishment of emergency medical services zones or districts; tax levies
§ 32.1-111.14:3
Exclusion of certain areas from emergency medical services zones or districts and exemption of such areas from certain levies
§ 32.1-111.14:4
Advances by county or city to emergency medical services zone or district; reimbursement; validation of prior advances
§ 32.1-111.14:5
Authority of emergency medical services agency incident commander when operating at an emergency incident; penalty for refusal to obey orders
§ 32.1-111.14:6
Supervision and control of joint services of emergency medical services agencies
§ 32.1-111.14:7
Penalty for disobeying emergency medical services agency chief or other officer in command
§ 32.1-111.14:8
Purchase, maintenance, etc., of equipment; donated equipment
§ 32.1-111.14:9
Entry of buildings and premises adjoining during a medical emergency
§ 32.1-111.15
Statewide poison control system established
§ 32.1-111.2
Exemptions from provisions of this article
§ 32.1-111.3
Statewide Emergency Medical Services Plan; Trauma Triage Plan; Stroke Triage Plan
§ 32.1-111.4
Regulations; emergency medical services personnel and vehicles; response times; enforcement provisions; civil penalties
§ 32.1-111.4:1
State Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board; purpose; membership; duties; reimbursement of expenses; staff support
§ 32.1-111.4:2
Regional emergency medical services councils
§ 32.1-111.4:3
Provision of emergency medical services
§ 32.1-111.4:4
Emergency medical services personnel and equipment may in emergencies go or be sent beyond territorial limits
§ 32.1-111.4:5
Contracts of counties, cities, and towns to furnish emergency medical services; public liability insurance to cover claims arising out of mutual aid agreements
§ 32.1-111.4:6
Establishment of an emergency medical services agency as a department of local government
§ 32.1-111.4:7
Establishment of an emergency medical services agency as a nongovernmental entity
§ 32.1-111.4:8
Ordinances as to emergency medical services agencies
§ 32.1-111.5
Certification and recertification of emergency medical services providers; appeals process
§ 32.1-111.6
Emergency medical services agency license; emergency medical services vehicle permits
§ 32.1-111.6:1
Commissioner to issue certain emergency medical services licenses or permits
§ 32.1-111.7
§ 32.1-111.8
Revocation and suspension of licenses and permits
§ 32.1-111.9
Applications for variances or exemptions