§ 32.1-125.2

Disclosure of other providers of services


1. Any hospital which has, or is affiliated with or under the common control of a holding company that has, a financial interest in a facility or entity that engages in the provision of health-related outpatient services, appliances or devices of which a patient is in need, or any employee or volunteer associated with such hospital, shall, prior to referring the patient to such type of a facility or entity, provide the patient or his representative with a notice stating in bold print that the services, appliances or devices may be available from other suppliers in the community.

2. As used in this section, “representative” means any member of the immediate family of the patient or any other person acting on his behalf and who is not a health care provider or other person who may profit from such referral.

B. The Attorney General, an attorney for the Commonwealth, the attorney for a city, county or town or any aggrieved patient may cause an action to be brought in the appropriate circuit court in the name of the Commonwealth, of the county, city or town, or of any aggrieved patient, to enjoin any violation of this section. The circuit court having jurisdiction may enjoin such violations, notwithstanding the existence of an adequate remedy at law. When an injunction is issued, the circuit court shall impose a civil fine to be paid to the Literary Fund not to exceed $ 1,000. In any action under this section, it shall not be necessary that damages be proved.


1988, c. 252.


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