§ 33.2-1713

Sale of bonds; bonds as legal investments

The Board may sell such bonds in such manner and for such price as it may determine to be for the best interests of the Commonwealth, but no such sale shall be made at a price so low as to require the payment of interest on the money received therefor at more than the maximum annual percentage rate approved by the Commonwealth Treasury Board with respect to such obligations in accordance with § 2.2-2416.All bonds issued pursuant to the authority of this chapter are hereby made securities in which all public officers and bodies of the Commonwealth and all political subdivisions thereof; all insurance companies and associations, all national banks and trust companies, and all savings institutions, including savings and loan associations, in the Commonwealth; and all executors, administrators, trustees, and other fiduciaries, both individual or corporate, may properly and legally invest funds within their control.


Code 1950, § 33-240; 1952, c. 485; 1958, c. 485; 1970, c. 322, § 33.1-280; 2000, cc. 1019, 1044; 2011, cc. 830, 868; 2014, c. 805.


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