§ 36-85.11

Application of local ordinances; enforcement of chapter by local authorities

Manufactured homes displaying the certification label as prescribed by the Federal Standards shall be accepted in all localities as meeting the requirements of this law, which shall supersede the building codes of the counties, municipalities and state agencies. Local zoning ordinances and other land use controls that do not affect the manner of construction or installation of manufactured homes shall remain in full force and effect. Site preparation, utility connections, skirting installation, and maintenance of the manufactured home shall meet the requirements of the Uniform Statewide Building Code (§ 36-97 et seq.).Notwithstanding the above, structures meeting the definition of “manufactured home” set forth in § 36-85.3 shall be defined in local zoning ordinances as “manufactured homes.” The term “manufactured home” shall be defined in local zoning ordinances solely as it is defined in § 36-85.3.All local building officials are authorized to and shall enforce the regulations adopted by the Board in accordance with this law.


1986, c. 37; 1988, c. 410; 1990, c. 593.


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