Rate Filings And Making Of Rates

This is Article 2 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Rate Filings And Making Of Rates.” It is part of Title 38.2, titled “Insurance.” It is part of Chapter 20, titled “Regulation Of Rates For Certain Types Of Insurance.” It’s comprised of the following 20 sections.

§ 38.2-2003
Rate filings by insurer; supporting information
§ 38.2-2004
Filings by rate service organization
§ 38.2-2005
Provisions governing making of rates
§ 38.2-2006
Approval by Commission prerequisite to use of filing
§ 38.2-2006.1
Approval by the Commission for credit property and credit involuntary unemployment insurance rates
§ 38.2-2007
Commission to determine if notice of filing to be published; hearing; approval or disapproval
§ 38.2-2008
Review of rates by Commission
§ 38.2-2009
§ 38.2-2010
Suspension or modification of requirement for filing
§ 38.2-2011
Interchange of rating data and information
§ 38.2-2012
Collection of experience data; uniformity; compilations available to insurers and rate service organizations
§ 38.2-2013
Excess rate for specific risk
§ 38.2-2014
Contract or policy to accord with filings
§ 38.2-2015
Agreements for equitable apportionment of insurance; reasonable performance standards; Virginia Workers' Compensation Insurance Plan
§ 38.2-2016
Information regarding rates to be furnished insured
§ 38.2-2017
No rule prohibiting or regulating payment of dividends, etc., to be adopted
§ 38.2-2018
Person aggrieved by application of rating system to be heard; appeal to Commission
§ 38.2-2019
Cooperation among rate service organizations, or among rate service organizations and insurers, authorized; review by Commission
§ 38.2-2020
Rate service organization may procure actuarial, technical or other services
§ 38.2-2021
Examination of policies or other evidences of insurance