§ 44-19

Adjutant General to have charge of military property

The Adjutant General shall have charge and care of all state military property and all United States military property issued to the Commonwealth of Virginia, and shall cause to be kept an accurate and careful account of all receipts and issues of the same. He shall require to be kept careful memoranda of all public military property on hand in the state arsenal or storehouses, and in the possession of the several organizations of the Virginia National Guard or issued to the Virginia Defense Force, and shall guard such property against injury and loss to the extent of his ability. He shall require every accountable and responsible officer of the National Guard to account for every deficiency in public military property in his possession immediately after such deficiency is discovered. The Adjutant General shall have the care and control of the state military reservation near Virginia Beach, and of such other real estate as the Commonwealth may acquire for military purposes, and it shall be the duty of the Adjutant General to provide for the proper care of such property and buildings thereon. For the maintenance, upkeep and improvement of the military reservation or reservations, the Adjutant General may expend from the appropriation to the Department of Military Affairs such amounts as may be necessary.


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