§ 46.2-200

Department of Motor Vehicles

There shall be a Department of Motor Vehicles in the executive department, responsible to the Secretary of Transportation. The Department shall be under the supervision and management of the Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles.The Department shall be responsible for the administration of the motor vehicle license, registration and title laws; the issuance, suspension, and revocation of driver’s licenses; the examination of applicants for and holders of driver’s licenses; the administration, training, disciplining, and assignment of examiners of applicants for driver’s licenses; the administration of the safety responsibility laws, fuel tax laws, the provisions of this title relating to transportation safety, and dealer licensing laws; the registration of carriers of passengers or property and vehicles that may be required to be registered under the International Registration Plan or pay road tax as described under Chapter 27 (§ 58.1-2700 et seq.) of Title 58.1 under the International Fuel Tax Agreement; the audit of carriers of passengers or property for compliance with registration and road tax requirements; proof of financial responsibility; and any other services that may be required to create a single point of contact for motor carriers operating within and without the Commonwealth, including the operation of permanent and mobile motor carrier service centers.


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