Proof Of Financial Responsibility

This is Article 15 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Proof Of Financial Responsibility.” It is part of Title 46.2, titled “Motor Vehicles.” It is part of Subtitle II, titled “Titling, Registration And Licensure.” It is part of Chapter 3, titled “Licensure Of Drivers.” It’s comprised of the following 29 sections.

§ 46.2-435
Proof of financial responsibility to be furnished for each vehicle
§ 46.2-436
Methods of proving financial responsibility
§ 46.2-437
Proof of financial responsibility by owner in lieu of driver
§ 46.2-438
Proof by owner of vehicles operated under permit or certificate of State Corporation Commission or Department of Motor Vehicles
§ 46.2-439
Certificate of insurance carrier
§ 46.2-440
Certificate for nonresident may be by carrier not qualified in Commonwealth
§ 46.2-441
Nonresident may file proof of future financial responsibility of insurance company or other state-authorized entity providing insurance
§ 46.2-442
Default of foreign insurance carrier
§ 46.2-443
Chapter not applicable to certain policies of insurance
§ 46.2-444
Surety requirements of bond
§ 46.2-445
How bond to be conditioned
§ 46.2-446
Notice to Commissioner prerequisite to cancellation of bond; cancellation not to affect rights arising prior thereto
§ 46.2-447
Bond to constitute lien on real estate of surety
§ 46.2-448
Notice of cancellation; record; fees
§ 46.2-449
Cancellation of bond with individual sureties; certificates of cancellation
§ 46.2-450
Order discharging lien of bond
§ 46.2-451
Action or suit on bond
§ 46.2-452
Parties to suit on bond with individual sureties
§ 46.2-453
Proof of financial responsibility by delivering cash or securities
§ 46.2-454
Moneys or securities to be deposited with State Treasurer subject to execution
§ 46.2-455
Assessment for expense of holding deposits
§ 46.2-456
Additional security if fund impaired by any legal process, or otherwise
§ 46.2-457
Substitution of new proof; cancellation or return of old
§ 46.2-458
Interpleader to determine rights in deposits; other proceedings
§ 46.2-459
When other proof of financial responsibility required; suspension of license pending furnishing of proof required
§ 46.2-460
When Commissioner to consent to cancellation of bond or policy, or return of money or securities
§ 46.2-461
When Commissioner not to release proof of financial responsibility; affidavit of nonexistence of facts
§ 46.2-462
New license or registration to person to whom proof surrendered
§ 46.2-463
Penalty for forging evidence of financial responsibility