§ 46.2-675

Certain vehicles engaged in mining or quarrying operations; permit when such vehicle required to cross public highways

No person shall be required to obtain the registration certificate, license plates, or decals for or pay a registration fee prescribed for any motor vehicle engaged in coal mining operations or other types of mining and quarrying operations, if the sole function of the motor vehicle is to haul coal from mine to tipple or to haul other mined or quarried products from mine or quarry to a processing plant. The owner of the vehicle, however, shall first obtain, without charge, a permit from the Commissioner of Highways in any case in which the motor vehicle is required to cross the public highways. The Commissioner of Highways shall not issue the permit unless he is satisfied that the owner of the motor vehicle has, at his own expense, strengthened the highway crossing so that it will adequately bear the load and has provided adequate signs, lights, or flagmen as may be required for the protection of the public. Any damage done to the highways as a result of this operation shall be repaired in a manner satisfactory to the Commissioner of Highways at the expense of the vehicle’s owner.


1970, c. 604, § 46.1-45.1; 1972, c. 609; 1989, c. 727; 2016, c. 142.


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