§ 53.1-45.1

Work programs; agreements with other entities

A. The Director, with the prior approval of the Governor, may enter into an agreement with a public or private entity to operate a work program in a state correctional facility for prisoners confined therein.

B. Articles produced or manufactured and services provided by prisoners participating in such a program may be purchased as provided in § 53.1-47 and may be bought, sold or acquired by exchange on the open market through the participating public or private entity.

C. The Director shall arrange for compensation for such employment. Wages earned by prisoners shall be paid to the Director who shall deduct from such wages, in the following order of priority, an amount to:

1. Meet the obligation of any judicial or administrative order to provide support and such funds shall be disbursed according to the terms of such order;

2. Pay any fines, restitution or costs as ordered by the court; and

3. Defray a portion of the prisoner’s keep.The balance shall be credited to the prisoner’s account in accordance with § 53.1-42.


1993, cc. 464, 488; 1996, cc. 284, 368; 2003, cc. 94, 854.


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