§ 53.1-148

Transfer of supervision from one probation officer to another

The court placing any person on probation may transfer such person from the supervision of one probation officer to that of another probation officer. Such transfer shall be reported by the court to both probation officers and to the person on probation. A record of the transfer shall be filed with the records of the case or entered upon the records of the court.Whenever a person placed on probation resides in a locality removed from that in which the court which placed such person on probation is situated, or whenever a person on probation desires to remove to a locality other than that in which the court is situated, the court placing such person on probation may transfer him to a probation officer regularly appointed and authorized to serve for the locality in which the probationer resides or to which he is to move. In such cases the probation officer shall send to the court desiring to make the transfer a written statement that he will exercise supervision over such person. The statement shall be approved in writing by the judge of the court to which the probation officer is attached. The probation officer shall report concerning the conduct and condition of the probationer at regular intervals to the judge of the court who placed the defendant on probation.


Code 1950, § 53-277; 1982, c. 636.


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