§ 53.1-149

Arrest of probationer without warrant; written statement

Any probation officer appointed pursuant to this chapter may arrest a probationer without a warrant, or may deputize any other officer with power to arrest to do so, by a written statement setting forth that the probationer has, in the judgment of the probation officer, violated one or more of the terms or conditions upon which the probationer was released on probation. Such a written statement by a probation officer delivered to the officer in charge of any local jail or lockup shall be sufficient warrant for the detention of the probationer. Any officer deputized upon receipt of the written statement shall, in accordance with § 19.2-390, enter, or cause to be entered, the person’s name and other appropriate information required by the Department of State Police into the “information systems” known as the Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN), established and maintained by the Department pursuant to Chapter 2 (§ 52-12 et seq.) of Title 52. Such information shall be deemed a warrant authorizing the arrest of the person anywhere in the Commonwealth.


Code 1950, § 53-278.5; 1962, c. 327; 1982, c. 636; 2010, c. 273.


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