Registration Of Nonresident Pharmacies

This is Article 2.1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Registration Of Nonresident Pharmacies.” It is part of Title 54.1, titled “Professions And Occupations.” It is part of Subtitle III, titled “Professions And Occupations Regulated By Boards Within The Department Of Health Professions.” It is part of Chapter 34, titled “Drug Control Act.” It’s comprised of the following 5 sections.

§ 54.1-3434.1
Nonresident pharmacies to register with Board
§ 54.1-3434.2
Permit to be issued
§ 54.1-3434.3
Denial, revocation, suspension of registration, summary proceedings
§ 54.1-3434.4
Prohibited acts
§ 54.1-3434.5
Nonresident outsourcing facilities to register with the Board