§ 54.1-3434.2

Permit to be issued

The Board shall only register nonresident pharmacies that maintain a current unrestricted license, certificate, permit, or registration as a pharmacy in a jurisdiction within the United States, or within another jurisdiction that may lawfully deliver prescription drugs directly or indirectly to consumers within the United States.Applications for a nonresident pharmacy registration, under this section, shall be made on a form furnished by the Board. The Board may require such information as it deems is necessary to carry out the purpose of the section.The permit or nonresident pharmacy registration shall be renewed annually on a date determined by the Board in regulation. Renewal is contingent upon the nonresident pharmacy providing documentation of a current inspection report in accordance with subdivision A 3 of § 54.1-3434.1; continuing current, unrestricted licensure in the resident jurisdiction; and continuing certification if required in subdivision A 4 of § 54.1-3434.1.


1990, c. 270; 2005, c. 115; 2008, cc. 79, 320, 618; 2013, c. 765.


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