Utility Facilities Act

This is Chapter 10.1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Utility Facilities Act.” It is part of Title 56, titled “Public Service Companies.” It’s comprised of the following 18 sections.

§ 56-265.1
§ 56-265.2
Certificate of convenience and necessity required for acquisition, etc., of new facilities
§ 56-265.2:1
Approval by Commission required for construction of certain gas pipelines and related facilities; notice and hearing
§ 56-265.3
Certificate to furnish public utility service; allotment of territory transfers, leases or amendments
§ 56-265.3:1
Certificates to furnish water and sewer service
§ 56-265.4
Certificate to operate in territory of another certificate holder
§ 56-265.4:1
Furnishing of electric public utility service or provision of facilities therefor by municipal corporations and other governmental bodies
§ 56-265.4:2
Extension of service by cities and towns into annexed areas
§ 56-265.4:3
§ 56-265.4:4
Certificate to operate as a telephone utility
§ 56-265.4:5
Furnishing gas service to commercial and industrial customers in an area not certificated for public utility gas service
§ 56-265.4:6
Furnishing non-utility gas service
§ 56-265.5
Effective date of certificates
§ 56-265.6
Penalties for misrepresentations, violations of law, regulations or terms of certificates
§ 56-265.7
Appeal from order of revocations, etc
§ 56-265.8
Proceedings before Commission on or before July 1, 1950
§ 56-265.8:1
Inspection and approval of certain installations not regulated pursuant to this chapter
§ 56-265.9
Title of chapter