§ 58.1-3216

Deferral programs; taxes to be lien on property

In the event of a deferral of real estate taxes granted by ordinance, the accumulated amount of taxes deferred shall be paid to the county, city or town concerned by the vendor upon the sale of the dwelling, or from the estate of the decedent within one year after the death of the last owner thereof who qualifies for tax deferral by the provisions of this section and by the county, city or town ordinance. Such deferred real estate taxes shall be paid without penalty, except that any ordinance establishing a combined program of exemptions and deferrals, or deferrals only, may provide for interest not to exceed eight percent per annum on any amount so deferred, and such taxes and interest, if applicable, shall constitute a lien upon the said real estate as if it had been assessed without regard to the deferral permitted by this article. Any such lien shall, to the extent that it exceeds in the aggregate ten percent of the price for which such real estate may be sold, be inferior to all other liens of record.


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