§ 60.2-536.2

Advisory opinion by the Commission

Upon application by an employer who is a party to a transfer or potential transfer of any trade or business, the Commission shall issue an advisory opinion as to whether such transfer constitutes a transfer pursuant to § 60.2-536.1, or is solely or primarily for the purpose of obtaining a lower unemployment tax rate. The application shall be under oath or affirmation, in a form prescribed by the Commission, and shall fully set forth all relevant facts regarding the proposed transfer. The Commission may require such additional information and documentary evidence as deemed necessary for a fair and informed opinion. Such opinion shall be issued within 60 days after the Commission has received all of the information and evidence requested. An employer who proceeds with the transfer of a trade or business in reliance upon a favorable advisory opinion issued under this section shall not subsequently be found to have violated the provisions of § 18.2-204.3, and shall not be subject to the penalties of § 60.2-536.3, provided such employer has made full disclosure of all relevant facts to the Commission. If an employer disagrees with the Commission’s advisory opinion, it shall have the right to a hearing and decision pursuant to § 60.2-500, provided that an application for a hearing is filed with the Commission within 30 days from the date the advisory opinion was mailed.


2005, cc. 47, 91.


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