§ 64.2-603

Discharge and release of payor

Any person paying or delivering a small asset pursuant to § 64.2-601 or 64.2-602 is discharged and released to the same extent as if that person dealt with the personal representative of the decedent. Such person is not required to see the application of the small asset or to inquire into the truth of any statement in any affidavit presented pursuant to subsection A of § 64.2-601. If any person to whom such an affidavit is presented refuses to pay or deliver any small asset, it may be recovered, or its payment or delivery compelled, and damages may be recovered, on proof of rightful claim in a proceeding brought for that purpose by or on behalf of the person entitled thereto. Any person to whom payment or delivery of a small asset has been made is answerable and accountable therefor to any personal representative of the decedent’s estate or to any other successor having an equal or superior right.


1981, c. 281, § 64.1-132.4; 2010, c. 269; 2012, c. 614.


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