§ 8.01-454

Judgment, when satisfied, to be so noted by creditor

In all cases in which satisfaction of any judgment so docketed is made, which is not required to be certified to the clerk under § 8.01-455, it shall be the duty of the judgment creditor, himself, or by his agent or attorney, to cause such satisfaction by the defendant, and if there is more than one defendant, by which defendant it was satisfied, to be entered within 30 days after the same is made, on such judgment docket. If the judgment has not been docketed, then the entry shall be made on the execution book in the office of the clerk from which the execution issued. For any failure to do so within 90 days, or after 10 days’ notice to do so by the judgment debtor or his agent or attorney, the judgment creditor shall be liable to a fine of $ 100 and shall pay the filing cost of the release. The entry of satisfaction shall be signed by the creditor or his duly authorized attorney or other agent and be attested by the clerk in whose office the judgment is docketed, or when not docketed, by the clerk from whose office the execution issued; however, the cost of the release shall be paid by the judgment debtor. For any money judgment marked as satisfied pursuant to this section, nothing herein shall satisfy an unexecuted order of possession entered pursuant to § 8.01-126.


Code 1950, § 8-382; 1977, c. 617; 1988, c. 420; 2014, c. 274; 2015, cc. 547, 553, 631.


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