§ 9.1-173


It is the purpose of this article to enable any city, county or combination thereof to develop, establish, and maintain a local community-based probation services agency to provide the judicial system with sentencing alternatives for certain misdemeanants or persons convicted of felonies that are not felony acts of violence, as defined in § 19.2-297.1 and sentenced pursuant to § 19.2-303.3, for whom the court imposes a sentence of 12 months or less and who may require less than institutional custody.The article shall be interpreted and construed so as to:

1. Allow individual cities, counties, or combinations thereof greater flexibility and involvement in responding to the problem of crime in their communities;

2. Provide more effective protection of society and to promote efficiency and economy in the delivery of correctional services;

3. Provide increased opportunities for offenders to make restitution to victims of crimes through financial reimbursement or community service;

4. Permit cities, counties or combinations thereof to operate and utilize local community-based probation services specifically designed to meet the rehabilitative needs of selected offenders; and

5. Provide appropriate post-sentencing alternatives in localities for certain offenders with the goal of reducing the incidence of repeat offenders.


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