§ 22.1-232


A. Where a school board undertakes a career and technical education project by contract with a corporation, the school board may advance, contribute and loan funds to the corporation. The contract shall contain:

1. a system of accounting;

2. the terms upon which any profits from the sale of the project will be allocated between the school board and the corporation;

3. conditions for the return with interest of any funds advanced by the school board;

4. a provision that upon the dissolution of the corporation, any assets remaining after payment of just debts shall be transferred to and become the property of the school board;

5. a provision that, upon the completion of any project, the school board may determine not to participate in further projects;

6. a provision that the school board may at any time require the return of funds to which it is entitled.

B. Where the school board contributes or loans funds to the corporation, such contract shall provide for the posting of a bond with surety by the officers of the corporation conditioned to protect the rights of the school board.

C. Such contract may provide for the establishment of an escrow fund for the purpose of funding future projects.


Code 1950, §§ 22-330.41, 22-330.42; 1974, c. 336; 1980, c. 559; 2001, c. 483.


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