§ 23-50.9

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Principal office of corporation; meetings, etc., and officers of board of visitors; executive committee

(a. The principal office of the corporation shall be located, and all meetings of the board of visitors held, as far as practicable, in the City of Richmond. The board shall fix the date for its annual meeting and such other meetings as it may deem advisable. Due notice of all meetings shall be given to each visitor. A majority of the members serving at any time shall constitute a quorum. Such reasonable expenses as the visitors may incur in the discharge of their duties shall be paid out of the funds of the University.

(b. The board shall elect from its members a rector, a vice-rector, a secretary and such other officers as it deems necessary or advisable, and prescribe their duties, term of office, and fix their compensation if any. The board shall also designate an executive committee, determine the number of members thereof and the number which shall constitute a quorum; such executive committee shall perform all the duties as are delegated to it by the board.


1968, c. 93.


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