§ 24.2-948.3

Compliance with reporting requirements of campaign finance disclosure act as requirement of candidacy for certain offices

A. It shall be a requirement of candidacy in any election for statewide office or the General Assembly that the candidate shall have filed the disclosure reports required by this chapter for any election in which he participated as a candidate for any such office and which was held within the five years preceding the date of the election in which he seeks to be a candidate. For the purposes of this section, the candidate shall be presumed to have complied with the candidate disclosure reporting requirements unless (i) the State Board or general registrar, whichever is appropriate, has notified the candidate, at least 60 days prior to the applicable deadline for him to file his written statement of qualification set out in § 24.2-503, that he has failed to file a required report or reports and (ii) the candidate fails to file the specified report or reports by the applicable deadline for filing his written statement of qualification.

B. The authority of the State Board to grant an extension of the deadline established in § 24.2-503 shall include the authority to grant such extension with respect to the requirements of this section.


1994, c. 752, § 24.2-503.1; 2006, cc. 787, 892; 2015, cc. 644, 645.


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