Transferring Defeasible Title By Certificate

This is Chapter 3 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Transferring Defeasible Title By Certificate.” It is part of Title 25.1, titled “Eminent Domain.” It’s comprised of the following 19 sections.

§ 25.1-300
§ 25.1-301
Applicability of chapter; purpose
§ 25.1-302
Protection of property
§ 25.1-303
Effort to acquire property by purchase
§ 25.1-304
Authority to take possession and title to property
§ 25.1-305
Authorized condemnor to make payment into court or file certificate of deposit before entering upon land
§ 25.1-306
Notice of intent to file certificate
§ 25.1-307
Content of certificates; recordation of certificates
§ 25.1-308
Effect of recordation of certificate; transfer of title or interest in property
§ 25.1-309
Property situated in two or more localities
§ 25.1-310
Proceedings for distribution of funds
§ 25.1-311
Effect of acceptance of payments; evidence as to amount of deposit or certificate
§ 25.1-312
Reformation, alteration, revision, amendment or invalidation of certificate
§ 25.1-313
Institution of condemnation proceedings
§ 25.1-314
Order confirming award; recordation
§ 25.1-315
Awards in greater amounts than deposit; interest
§ 25.1-316
Awards in lesser amounts than deposit; interest
§ 25.1-317
Agreements as to compensation; petition and order of court thereon; disposition of funds
§ 25.1-318
Petition by owner for determination of just compensation