§ 29.1-305

Special license for hunting bear, deer and turkey; authority of Board to create bear license

A. A special license is required for hunting bear, deer and turkey in this Commonwealth, which shall be in addition to the license required to hunt other game. The fee for the special license shall be $ 12 for a resident age 16 or older, $ 7.50 for a resident under the age of 16, and $ 60 for a nonresident 16 years of age or older, $ 15 for a nonresident 12 years of age to 15 years of age, and $ 12 for a nonresident younger than 12 years of age.

B. The Board may create a separate special license for the hunting of bear in this Commonwealth. The fee for such a special license shall be $ 25 for residents and $ 150 for nonresidents. A person who obtains a special license for hunting bear shall also be required to obtain the state resident license or state nonresident license pursuant to § 29.1-303. If a special license to hunt bear is established by the Board, the special license required in subsection A shall authorize the hunting of deer and turkey only.The license to hunt bear, deer and turkey or, if authorized by the Board, the license to hunt bear may be obtained from the clerk or agent of any county or city whose duty it is to sell hunting licenses.

C. The Board may subsequently revise the cost of licenses set forth in this section pursuant to § 29.1-103.


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