§ 33.2-334

Requirements for taking new streets into secondary state highway system

A. The governing body of any county that has not withdrawn from the secondary state highway system or any town within which the Department maintains the streets may, by resolution, request the Board to take any new street or highway into the secondary state highway system for maintenance if such street or highway has been developed and constructed in accordance with the Board’s secondary street acceptance requirements. The Board shall adopt regulations establishing such secondary street acceptance requirements, which shall include such provisions as the Board deems necessary or appropriate to achieve the safe and efficient operation of the Commonwealth’s transportation network.

B. In addition to such other provisions deemed necessary or appropriate by the Board, the regulations shall include (i) requirements to ensure the connectivity of highway and pedestrian networks with the existing and future transportation network, (ii) provisions to minimize stormwater runoff and impervious surface area, and (iii) provisions for performance bonding of new secondary highways and associated cost recovery fees.

C. No initial regulation establishing secondary street acceptance requirements pursuant to this section shall apply to subdivision plats and subdivision construction plans that have been submitted and accepted for review by the Department on or before the effective date of such initial regulations. No locality shall be obligated to approve any subdivision plat or subdivision construction plans that are inconsistent with these regulations.

D. Nothing in this section or in any regulation, policy, or practice adopted pursuant to this section shall prevent the acceptance of any street or segment of a street within a network addition that meets one or more of the public service requirements addressed in the regulations, provided that the network addition satisfies all other requirements adopted pursuant to this section. In cases where a majority of the lots along the street or street segment remain undeveloped and construction traffic is expected to utilize that street or street segment after acceptance, the bonding requirement for such street or street segment may be required by the Department to be extended for up to one year beyond that required in the secondary street acceptance requirements.


2007, c. 382, § 33.1-70.3; 2010, c. 401; 2014, c. 805.


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