§ 36-50.1

Extension of general powers for actions taken pursuant to a conservation plan

In implementing a conservation plan, an authority shall have all the rights, powers, privileges, and immunities provided in this chapter. However, the power of eminent domain shall not be exercised in connection with a conservation project except to acquire (i) properties designated for use by the public or a public agency in the conservation plan, (ii) properties which are determined by the authority to be in violation of the standards for design, construction, maintenance and use of property set out in the conservation plan for the project in which such property is situate, and which have not been made to comply with such standards within one year after a written request to rehabilitate to project standards is given to the owner by the authority, (iii) properties as to which voluntary conveyance cannot be effected in the course of the execution of the conservation plan because of the inability of the owners to convey marketable title, or (iv) properties which are infeasible of rehabilitation, blighted properties or properties which inhibit or prevent accomplishment of the purposes of the conservation plan.


1964, c. 378; 1972, c. 733; 2006, c. 784.


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