§ 38.2-1317.1

Examinations; nature and scope

A. In scheduling and determining the nature, scope and frequency of examinations, the Commission shall consider such matters as the conduct of business in the marketplace, results of financial statement analyses and ratios, results of market analyses, changes in management or ownership, actuarial opinions, reports of independent certified public accountants and other criteria as set forth in any Examiners’ Handbook, or any successor publications, adopted by the NAIC and in effect when the Commission exercises discretion under this article.Procedures for examinations concerning the conduct of business in the marketplace shall be exclusively subject to the provisions of §§ 38.2-218 through 38.2-222 and §§ 38.2-1318, 38.2-1319, 38.2-1320.5, and 38.2-1321.1.

B. For purposes of completing an examination of any company under this article, the Commission may examine or investigate any person, or the business of any person, in so far as such examination or investigation is, in the sole discretion of the Commission, necessary or material to the examination of the company.

C. The examination of any alien insurer or person shall be limited to its insurance transactions in the United States unless the Commission considers a complete examination of the alien insurer or person to be necessary.

D. As used in this article:”Company” means any person engaging in or proposing or attempting to engage in any transaction or kind of insurance or surety business and any person or group of persons who, pursuant to the provisions of this title, Title 58.1, or any rule or regulation promulgated by the Commission, may otherwise be subject to the administrative or regulatory authority of the Commission as set forth in the provisions of this title.”Insurance department” means the supervising regulatory officials of a given state who are responsible for administering the insurance laws of said state.”Insurer” means an insurance institution as defined by § 38.2-602.”NAIC” means the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.”Person” means any association, aggregate of individuals, business, company, corporation, individual, joint-stock company, Lloyds type of organization, organization, partnership, receiver, reciprocal or interinsurance exchange, trustee or society, or any affiliate thereof.


1992, c. 588; 2008, c. 249.


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