§ 38.2-324

Disclosure of property damage information

Nothing in this title shall prohibit an insurer or its agent from disclosing information obtained from policyholders or other persons regarding claims or reports of property damage resulting from a natural disaster, as defined in clause (ii) of the definition of “disaster” in § 44-146.16, to the Director of the Department of Emergency Management or his designees or other state officials, to federal officials, or to local government officials of the locality where the damage occurred; provided that the disclosures (i) do not identify persons whose property is damaged or the address thereof and (ii) include only aggregated data that relates to the assessment of damage from a natural disaster, including, but not limited to, the number of claims, estimates of the dollar amount of damage, and types of damage, for a specified geographic area, such as a census tract or zip code area.


2005, c. 192; 2008, cc. 121, 157.


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