§ 45.1-161.220

Bleeder systems

A. All mines shall have a system, which has been approved by the Chief, of bleeder openings of air courses designed to provide positive movement of air through or around worked-out areas which is sufficient to prevent a hazardous accumulation of gas in such areas and to minimize the effect of variations in atmospheric pressure. Operators shall submit bleeder system plans which comply with requirements developed by the Chief. The system requirements developed by the Chief shall, at a minimum, address standards for (i) supplemental roof supports, (ii) water accumulation, (iii) continuous movement of gases from gob areas, (iv) methane content, (v) the use and operation of degasification systems, (vi) air flow direction, and content, (vii) ventilation controls. The Chief shall not approve a plan which provides for a methane content exceeding four and one-half percent in bleeder air courses. Failure to comply with an approved plan will be a violation of this section. This section shall not prohibit the sealing of worked-out areas in accordance with § 45.1-161.228.

B. The mine map requirements of § 45.1-161.64 may be used to depict bleeder system standards specified in this section.


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