§ 45.1-161.31

Examination fees; Coal Mining Examiners’ Fund

A. A reasonable fee in an amount set by the Board of Coal Mining Examiners, not to exceed $ 50, shall be paid to the Chief by each person examined before the commencement of examination. All such fees collected, together with moneys collected pursuant to §§ 45.1-161.32 and 45.1-161.34, shall be retained by the Department and shall be promptly paid by the Chief into the state treasury and shall constitute the Coal Mining Examiners’ Fund. The fund shall be administered by the Chief to cover the costs of administering the miner certification, for which purposes such moneys are hereby appropriated.

B. The cost of printing certificates and other necessary forms and the incidental expenses incurred by the Board in conducting examinations, reviewing examination papers and conducting its other duties pursuant to this article shall also be paid out of the Coal Mining Examiners’ Fund. The Chief shall keep accounts and records concerning the receipts and expenditures of the fund as required by the Auditor of Public Accounts.


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