§ 46.2-215

Certification of certain records and admissibility in evidence

Whenever any record, including records maintained by electronic media, by photographic processes, or paper, in the office of the Department is admissible in evidence, a copy, a machine-produced transcript, or a photograph of the record or paper attested by the Commissioner or his designee may be admitted as evidence in lieu of the original. In any case in which the records are transmitted by electronic means a machine imprint of the Commissioner’s name purporting to authenticate the record shall be the equivalent of attestation or certification by the Commissioner.Any copy, transcript, photograph, or any certification purporting to be sealed or sealed and signed by the Commissioner or his designee or imprinted with the Commissioner’s name may be admitted as evidence without any proof of the seal or signature or of the official character of the person whose name is signed thereto. If an issue as to the authenticity of any information transmitted by electronic means is raised, the court shall require that a record attested by the Commissioner or his designee be submitted for admission into evidence.


1962, c. 368, § 46.1-34.1; 1966, c. 196; 1986, c. 607; 1988, c. 427; 1989, c. 727.


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