§ 46.2-359

Restoration of driving privilege to certain persons

Any person eighteen years of age or older who has been adjudged an habitual offender based in whole or in part on findings of not innocent as a juvenile may petition the court in which he was found to be an habitual offender, or any circuit court in Virginia having criminal jurisdiction in the political subdivision in which the person now resides, for restoration of his privilege to operate a motor vehicle in the Commonwealth. On such petition, and for good cause shown, the court may, in its discretion, restore to him the privilege to drive a motor vehicle in the Commonwealth on whatever conditions the court may prescribe, subject to other provisions of law relating to the issuance of driver’s licenses.


1968, c. 476, § 46.1-387.2; 1970, cc. 507, 724; 1974, c. 453; 1982, c. 655; 1984, c. 780; 1989, c. 727.


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